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Cooabriel promotes Couples Retreat


Once again, Cooabriel shows its commitment to the full development of its members. In addition to organizing coffee production, and offering support to its activity and promoting the product in the market, the program promotion of tHe cooperative and aims at enhancing family relationships and strengthen their participation in the cooperative environment.

The 5th Meeting of cooperative couples, held in the morning of Thursday (12/17), at Associação Banestes hall in São Gabriel da Palha-ES, confirms the purpose of the cooperatie. The event which included the participation of 29 couples composed by members and employees, debated key issues about marriage and family life around the theme: “A happy couple, creates a happy world.” The event was conducted by an educator and cooperativIsm consultant Ney Guimarães, who used his experience to stimulate the participants to take in important values for married life hapiness.

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