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Cooabriel’s Coffee is Awarded at the Nestlé Harvest Award


Coobriel’s conilon coffee sample, received the third place in the final classification of the Awarded Harvest Competition (Cultural Competition for Nestle Coffee Quality – 2015), sponsored by Nestlé Brazil Ltda. The announcement of the winners took place on Thursday Dec. 12 in the city of Montes Claros (MG). At the ocasion Nestlé inaugurated its plant of the Nescafé Dolce Gusto brand, the first development of the brand in a location outside Europe.

The award-winning sample, was entered in the competition in the collective participation modality with conilon coffee beans gathered from 17 of our member producers.

The second place winner sample was from Bento Venturim (Cooabriel’s member), who presented a sample composed of family owned grains.

And the first prize was given to the Cooperativa Agropecuária Centro Serrana.

The coffee lots were evaluated based on Nestlé’s quality standards, supervised by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) and audited by Safe Trace.

Cooabriel’s general manager, Edimilson Calegari, partipated in the event and assessed its importance for the promotion of the conilon from Espirito Santo. “The significant improvement of the conilon coffee has been attracting the market. Nestlé has a great interest in working with specialty coffees, especially in promoting the quality of the conilon to be used its blends. Cooabriel also encourages its members to improve the quality of conilon.

The award of two lots of conilon (2nd and 3rd place) in this contest is further recognition of the potential that the conilon produced by our members has.

We are pleased with both classifications, specially because these are coffees that are stored at Cooabriel”- he said.

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