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  • Article    -    04 de January de 2016

    2016 and 2017 Conilon Harvest in ES and Southern Bahia

    Ms Wander R. Gomes¹; Gilberto M. Tessaro²; Ms Jeferson P. Ferreria²; Ramon Calixto.² ¹- Cooabriel’s Agronomist and Technical Support Manager ² – Cooabriel’s Agronomists The economic and political crisis is very clear in Brazil and the whole society is aware of this situation. However in Espírito Santo and southern Bahia agricultural scenery, the challenge is […]

  • Article    -    17 de December de 2015

    Debating Water Issues

    The water shortage issue is afflicting thousands of people in Brazil and in recent years it became even more worrying. This harsh reality leads us to question the way we have managed such a feature, because even though our country have this apparent wealth of water (approximately 12% of the world’s fresh water), we can […]

  • Article    -    20 de October de 2015

    The Importance of Water Springs

    Diego Poça Pettene ( 1) , Jayson Salvador Bis ( 1) , Wander Ramos Gomes ( 2) ( 1 ) Cooabriel Agricultural Technic – studying Environmental Engineering ; ( 2 ) Cooabriel – MSc Agronomist in Tropical Agriculture Fresh water is considered essencial for sustaining life on earth, meeting basic needs like health, food production […]

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