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Get to Know the History of Cooabriel

Cooabriel – Cooperativa Agrária de Cafeicultores de São Gabriel (Agricultural Cooperative of Coffee Growers of São Gabriel) is the largest Cooperative of Conilon Coffee of Brazil, and has been in business for 52 years.
Through the Catholic community Father Simão Civalero, the local parish priest at the time, was the one who took the initiative to create a cooperative. When still the fifties he became aware of the great difficulties faced by the producers, and begin promoting meetings and cooperative courses as a way of solving these problems, especially for the farmers who at the time had large plantations of arabica coffee.

On September 13, 1963, four months after the emancipation of the county of São Gabriel da Palha, 38 farmers formed COOABRIEL. The milestone happened at the old Cine Star (local movie theater). The founders: Batista Colombi, José Scalfoni, Cesar Zani, Loclarindo Lorenzoni, Alcides Spadeto, José Teodoro Dias, Mário Bragatto, Gustavo Milbratz, João Colombi, Fernando Mauri, Daniel Pelissari, Stefanio Thomas, Aurélio Bastianello, Aurélio Dalapícola, Mansueto Colombi, José Cavatti, Vicente Colombi, João Cavatti, Placindino Angelo de Freitas, Domício Pinaffo, Miguel Piekarz, Sebastião Toniato, Elizeu Scalfoni, Ailton Cavatti, José Mauri, Ernesto Catani, Tranquilo Uliana, João Colombi Sobrinho, Alcindo Lorenzoni, Alcino Carletti, João Batista Bastos, Instituto Comboniano de São Gabriel, Izauro Montovalnelli, Zelindo J. Trêz, Anastázio Pinaffo, Joventino de Souza, José Pereira Irmão e Fideliz Marchesi.

Besides being the great mentor of the creation of Cooabriel, Father Simão Civalero, was elected the first president (1963-1965) of the entity. Then it was Father Joseph Simionato (1965-1967); Gustavo Milbratz (1967-1972); Archangelo Laurindo Lorenzoni (1972 – 1974); Aurelio Bastianello (1974-1982); Wanderlino de Medeiros Bastos (1982-1984) Antonio Joaquim de Souza Neto (1984-1993) Dario Martinelli (1993-1999); José Colombi Son (1999-2002); Antonio Joaquim de Souza Neto (2002-2015).

COOABRIEL began its operations by stablishing a consumer sector (grocery store / supermarket) to meet its associates basic needs. Then began to provide coffe commercialization and processing services.

Over the years, the Cooperative was structured to support the coffee business as a whole. In addition to storage and commercialization services – which are their main activity nowadays, it has added many other benefits in providing services to meet its associates needs.

Its structure allows it to help the associates in choosing the best area to establish the crops, offering its own laboratory for plants and soil analyzes, producing and supplying high genetic standard seedlings. It gives guidance to management, production, harvesting, drying, quality coffee improvement, and provides standardized storage, commercialization, legal assistance and other benefits. A set of services that contributes to higher productivity and more accurate product quality, which adds value by increasing profitability of crops.

The associated by joining the Cooperative, know that their participation and their bond are not just a contact purely based on buying and selling their coffee. They are mere customers. They’re partners , they owns it, and they’re users. COOABRIEL offers in addition to the comercialization stage, a “package” of benefits.

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