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Corporate governance

Formed by more than 5000 members and over 270 employees, Cooabriel believes that governance should allow a balance between the three axes that make up the cooperative: Associate, management and employees. And more specifically by having this understanding, today Cooabriel is recognized in the market as a cooperative that applies all the principles of cooperativism doctrine.

Because it is a cooperative and it has specific legislation, the governance of Cooabriel strongly enforces practices of transparency and respect. In addition to the obligations imposed by law regarding the holding of meetings for accountability, the cooperative also develops further efforts to ensure that information reaches all members. Among these efforts, we can highlight regional meetings and the advisory board.

Executive Board:

Antonio Joaquim de Souza Neto – President

Luiz Carlos Bastianello – Vice-President

Onivaldo Lorenzoni – Secretary

Administrative Council:

Albertinho Pinaffo

Aldecyr Pinto Pirschner

Fabricia Colombi

Juremar Pin

Michel Pereira Machado

Nivaldo Mauri

Auditing Committee:

Effectives Substitutes
Bruno Pilon Bastianello – President Ednelson Caminote
Renato Scarpat – Secretary Elder Dos Santos
Rodrigo Marcio Rigo – Effective Tax Advisor Marcelo Pereira De Meloo
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