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  • Marketplace    -    18 de April de 2016

    Brazilian coffee exports grow 2.5 % in March, points Cecafé

    Brazilian coffee exports reached 2,996,549 million bags in March of 2016, 2.5 % higher than the number reported in February of this year, highlighting a growth of 3.6 % in the shipments of Arabica coffee. Data resuts are from a monthly report by Cecafé – Coffee Exporters Council of Brazil. With that, the exported volume […]

  • Marketplace    -   

    Colombia produces 944,000 Bags of Coffee in March

    In March, Colombia recorded a harvest of 944,000 bags of 60 kilos of coffee, 18 % more than the 800,000 bags produced in March of 2015. Between January and March of this year, it was recorded a production of nearly 3.2 million of sacks, 9 % more than the 2.9 million bags produced between January […]

  • Marketplace    -   

    Funcafé resources for agricultural research nearly double in 2016

    Approximately R $ 10.6 million from the Coffee Economy Defense Fund ( Funcafé ) will be allocated to the Brazilian Company for Agricultural Research (Embrapa) to fund 92 projects of the Coffee Development and Research Program ( PNP & D). The measure was published in the Official Gazette on Monday (11). The amount is 92 […]

  • It happens    -    12 de February de 2016

    Cooabriel announces dates and places for the General Assembly Preparatory Meetings

    Between February 15th and 23rd, Cooabriel’s board, will be holding preparatory meetings for the General Assembly, in the regions where the cooperative operates. These meetings are intended to bring information about the 2015 results and present the work plan for 2016; it will also be discussed the outlook for the coffee market and the guidelines […]

  • Article    -    04 de January de 2016

    2016 and 2017 Conilon Harvest in ES and Southern Bahia

    Ms Wander R. Gomes¹; Gilberto M. Tessaro²; Ms Jeferson P. Ferreria²; Ramon Calixto.² ¹- Cooabriel’s Agronomist and Technical Support Manager ² – Cooabriel’s Agronomists The economic and political crisis is very clear in Brazil and the whole society is aware of this situation. However in Espírito Santo and southern Bahia agricultural scenery, the challenge is […]

  • It happens    -    23 de December de 2015

    Cooabriel’s employees volunteers and Solidary

    Cooabriel’s employees, united as a team, boosted an internal campaign for solidarity: Be Solidary Cooabriel’s HR – Christmas 2015. Touched by the main call of the campaign – ” In your neighborhood or in your city , someone’s waiting for your solidarity,” the teams of various Cooabriel’s units got together and collected many essential items, […]

  • It happens    -    18 de December de 2015

    Cooabriel’s Coffee is Awarded at the Nestlé Harvest Award

    Coobriel’s conilon coffee sample, received the third place in the final classification of the Awarded Harvest Competition (Cultural Competition for Nestle Coffee Quality – 2015), sponsored by Nestlé Brazil Ltda. The announcement of the winners took place on Thursday Dec. 12 in the city of Montes Claros (MG). At the ocasion Nestlé inaugurated its plant […]

  • It happens    -    17 de December de 2015

    Cooabriel promotes Couples Retreat

    Once again, Cooabriel shows its commitment to the full development of its members. In addition to organizing coffee production, and offering support to its activity and promoting the product in the market, the program promotion of tHe cooperative and aims at enhancing family relationships and strengthen their participation in the cooperative environment. The 5th Meeting […]

  • Article    -   

    Debating Water Issues

    The water shortage issue is afflicting thousands of people in Brazil and in recent years it became even more worrying. This harsh reality leads us to question the way we have managed such a feature, because even though our country have this apparent wealth of water (approximately 12% of the world’s fresh water), we can […]

  • Article    -    20 de October de 2015

    The Importance of Water Springs

    Diego Poça Pettene ( 1) , Jayson Salvador Bis ( 1) , Wander Ramos Gomes ( 2) ( 1 ) Cooabriel Agricultural Technic – studying Environmental Engineering ; ( 2 ) Cooabriel – MSc Agronomist in Tropical Agriculture Fresh water is considered essencial for sustaining life on earth, meeting basic needs like health, food production […]

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